Caustic soda market in September to push up October period?

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              Caustic soda market in September to push up October period?

              I. price trend

              Since September, the domestic caustic soda market has rebounded, with a strong atmosphere of price rise. Up to now, it has seen the biggest increase this year, with an overall increase of 150-300 yuan/ton.According to the business community monitoring the overall price rise in shandong area, up to now in shandong area caustic soda offer 850 yuan/ton, up as high as 20.57% in September.

              Product: at present, caustic soda in most areas still has the trend of upward, manufacturers stop production limit more, mainstream factory inventory overall low, according to the business community detection in shandong 32% ion membrane alkali at 840 yuan/ton above, 50% ion membrane alkali mainstream transaction price rose to 1410-1430 yuan/ton;Jiangsu area, this month up about 200 yuan/ton, 32% ion membrane alkali mainstream transaction price rose to 900-950 yuan/ton, 50% ion membrane alkali mainstream transaction price rose to 1450-1500 yuan/ton, this month, weiqiao purchase 32% ion membrane alkali price increased 100 yuan/ton to 750 yuan/ton, the local impact is greater

              Up to the present close of the national market offer situation is as follows:

              Since September, the caustic soda market has increased significantly, mainly due to the following reasons:

              1, the National Day will come, for the chemical market rumors of more serious, a lot of rumours north China alkali to shutdown, shandong is manufacturer to leak, has no inventory valuation, caustic soda industry enterprises in jiangsu and zhejiang area shutdown more, and after 25 shandong, jiangsu, anhui, zhejiang, liquid chlorine embargo of the north China region, downstream and traders are taking goods in case of alkali factory by liquid chlorine embargo and limit production.

              2. After the notice of liquid chlorine embargo started on September 7 in jiangsu area, the atmosphere of liquid chlorine became tense instantly. The load of anbang dropped to 30%.The news of the liquid chlorine embargo is also one of the factors that stimulated the increase in alkali prices.

              3, weiqiao alumina purchasing price stability more than 5 months, the manufacturer before the National Day to raise retail prices to stimulate the weiqiao price increase, and the early start after typhoon main factory in shandong, weiqiao aluminum oxide procurement support, inventory has been in a controllable level, weiqiao purchase price increases, largely boost of confidence. 

              Business analysts think: north China before the National Day liquid alkali market price will maintain high operation, east China and henan region market performance is also relatively good, domestic liquid chlorine market is mostly maintained stable trend.32% ion membrane alkali shandong area 840-880 yuan/ton.But in October, strengthening environmental protection inspection, factory construction limited, the whole industry chain downstream of the northern part and the main alumina will face production, a lot of south sea base will arrive during National Day, low alkali liquid alkali will stimulate south sea market, national market or will influence after National Day, the future high-end price or will not be confirmed.
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