The production process of urea plant is traditional CO2 stripping process.The liquid ammonia and CO2 from the ammonia plant will be pressed in the synthesis tower,then the liquid urea is produced, then using the CO2 gas to remove methyl ammonium and cool condensed into the synthetic tower,the solid urea is made.The urea seperated from the bottom of the gas synthetic tower will be made into granular urea product through urea solution hydrolysis by circulation, evaporation, desorption, isolated after NH3, CO2 and methyl ammonium.



              Urea is a kind of white crystal, it can not burn, but can soluble in water, alcohol. It is difficult to dissolve in ether, chloroform.Urea hydrolyzes to ammonia and carbon dioxide under the action of acids, alkali s and enzymes.


              Urea is a neutral solid fertilizer with the highest nitrogen content and an important chemical raw material. 90% of urea is used in agriculture and 10% is used in industry.

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