Potassium hydroxide

              48% KOH was produced by Italian SET company is two-effect countercurrent falling-film evaporation technology



              Colorless transparent liquid. Density: 1.488g/cm3 Thermal conductivity: 0.473Kcal/m.h.℃ It has alkali and water - soluble properties.Dissolve in water and release a lot of heat.And because the hydrate decomposition of carbohydrates, and the relative to the risk of acid corrosion is more serious, the potassium hydroxide corrosion of the skin, usually present deep burns, and difficult to heal, once the eye or skin contact with potassium hydroxide, should quickly above the injured area to water rinse for 15 minutes, and see the doctor immediately;Ingestion burns the digestive tract and can be fatal.


              At the inorganic industry,it is used as raw material for the production of potassium salts, such as potassium permanganate, potassium nitrite, potassium hydrogen phosphate, etc.At the daily chemical industry,it is used as raw material for making potash fertilizer soap, cleansing soap, soft soap for washing hair, snow cream, cold cream, shampoo, etc.At the pharmaceutical industry,it is used for manufacturing progesterone, vanillin and other raw materials.At the dye industry,it is used to make melamine dyes.At the battery industry,it is used to make alkaline batteries.

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