Magnesium Hydroxide

              Magnesium Dihydroxide;Magnesium;Dihydroxide;

              Brucite is a natural mineral of magnesium hydroxide, which can be used for making sugar and magnesium oxide. Because magnesium hydroxide is abundant in nature and its chemical property is similar to aluminum, users began using magnesium hydroxide instead of aluminum chloride in deodorant products. It can be also used as analytical reagents, and used in the pharmaceutical industry.



              The chemical formula of magnesium hydroxide is Mg(OH)2, and the formula quantity is 58.32,which is also white amorphous powder. The alias of  magnesium hydroxide is caustic magnesium stone, light burned magnesia etc. The solution of magnesium hydroxide in water is called magnesium hydroxide emulsion, referred to as magnesia, and the English name is Magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide is colorless hexagonal crystal or white powder, and it is difficult to dissolve in water and in alcohol, but it can not dissolve in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. The solubility of magnesium hydroxide in water is very small, but the soluble part can be completely disassociated. The saturated aqueous solution of  magnesium hydroxide is 1.9 mg/l (18℃).When heat it to 350,it will lose water to form magnesium oxide.


              Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant for plastics and rubber products. For environmental protection, it is used as flue gas desulfurizer, and it can replace caustic soda and lime as acid containing wastewater neutralizer. It is also used as oil additive to prevent corrosion and desulfurization. In addition, it can also be used in the electronic, medicine, sugar refining industry, and used as insulation materials and manufacturing other magnesium salt products.


              It is used for manufacturing magnesium salt, active magnesium oxide, pharmaceuticals, fine ceramics, heat preservation materials, refined sugar, flue gas desulfurizer, oil product anticorrosive additive, neutralizing agent of acid containing waste water, conical glass coating of color TV tube, etc. The product is also used in the manufacture of magnesium salt, refined sugar, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry and so on. It also releases steam that acts as a smoke suppressant. Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent flame retardant in rubber and plastics industry with three functions of flame retardant, smoke suppression and filling. The emulsion suspension of magnesium hydroxide is used medically as an acid and laxative.
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